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After three years of cramming SEO and backlink building. I’m getting ready to launch Virgin Seo Backlinks http://virginbacklinks.com. It’s a site that will guarantee you the highest standards of backlinking. Virgin's focus is on natural velocity and organic link building.

Jobs by Kapila

These aren't automated views that'll get you in trouble. And they will be drip feed for 5 or 6 days. 1st day—you'll get 50 to 100 views 2nd day—you'll get 75 to 150 views 3rd day—you'll get 125 to 200 views 4th day—you'll get 150 to 250 views 5th day—you'll get the remaining views Total of more then 700 real views, 50 comments and 75 Likes. IMPORTANT: This gig is not available for Videos with Adsense ads

In fact the more urls and keywords you use the better. Because your backlinks will spread across all the urls and your keywords will be rotated. I will create drip feed you links in 2 lots of 500 so they’ll will look more natural. The backlinks will be unique PR Blogs. You'll receive a full report with a text file list of your 1000 backlinks.

This list would lend itself well to automation. However, I do manual backlink building and have barely scratched the surface of this list, it's massive. I'm limiting the number of buyers of this list to 35 to keep the backlinks from becoming diluted. Note: Your list of 10,000 .edu and .gov and the 300,000 Premium Sites will be in text format.